Cal 20

cal20 championship sThe California 20 was designed by C. William Lapworth in 1960 and went into production in 1961. It quickly became the most popular of the Cal line of fiberglass sailboats and 1,945 of the boats were built. Most of the production occurred throughout the 60’s when the Jensen Marine Factory in Costa Mesa, California was turning out as many as one boat a day! Though production ceased in 1975, the Cal 20 is still perhaps the most common boat you will see in marinas on the west coast of the U.S.

Cal 20’s were (and still are) inexpensive to buy, own and maintain. The base price was $3,200 throughout most of the 60’s which put her within reach of just about everyone. The cockpit is nearly 8' long and is self-bailing. Below she has four bunks, a head and storage bins. For her 20' length, she is one of the most practical boats imaginable.

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The 2017 Fleet One Champion - Chuck Clay -


Boat Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Throwout Total Skipper Crew
26 2 1 3 3 -3 6 Chuck Clay/Pat McCormick  
37 3 2 5 2 -5 7 Scott Atwood Stu
238 7 3 1 6 -7 10 Jennifer Kuritz John Ellis, Steve Kuritz
1150 5 8 4 1 -8 10 Steve George Steve Mee
101 1 7 6 5 -7 12 Cathy Black Todd "the Man" Smith
508 6 5 2 7 -7 13 John Merchant Rob Fuller
376 4 6 7 4 -7 14 Mike DeBrincat Bryan Dair, Darren Warbe
747 8 4 8 8 -8 20 Jerry Montgomery Dave Kofahl, Scott Kramer

WOW!  For those that did not make it out to our fleet championship, Boy did you miss a good one.  Eight boat crowed the start line for what was a great day.  Sun was shining, temperature  was warm, nothing but So Cal Gold!.

A Big thank You to Teri Bishop for running a great event.   Teri Bishop was the PRO with Trish Clay and Vicky helping on the committee boat. Bob Bishop and a new fleet member(hopeful) Jahn RoKicki ran the whaler.
Next time you see them at the club please buy them a drink.

It was some tight racing with both Chuck and Scott at the front of the fleet.  4 different boats won a race.  The format was three races outside and the fourth race finishing at the club.   Good times were had by all.

Chuck Clay is our new Fleet One Champion.   He will represent the fleet at the club champion race.

Final Results -
First Place 26 - Chuck Clay
Second Place - 37 - Scott Atwood
Third and wining the tie breaker - 238 Jennifer Kuritz

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